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Welcome to Seun Richards' Website

The digital home of a Nigerian-Canadian social entrepreneur, academic researcher, and community advocate. Discover a world of entrepreneurial resilience, community impact, and academic excellence as Seun shares his journey from humble beginning in Lagos, to leading IT companies in Dubai to founding Door2Door Pickup Couriers in the city of Saint John, to representing Africa & Canada on various global stages.


Hi, I’m Agunbiade Seun Richards!

A Nigerian-Canadian entrepreneur, coach, and author driven by a vision for entrepreneurial impact for this and next generation. Currently pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Sustainability, and teaching at the University of New Brunswick. Founder of Door2Door Pickup Couriers provided free delivery services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognized as Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, Top 20 Social Entrepreneurs in the world, and UN Most Influential People of African Descent under 40, amongst others.

As an Ambassador for the Global Entrepreneurship Network, I’m responsible for coalescing & catalysing the ecosystems in Canada. Passionate about social entrepreneurship and advocacy in local communities across the world, I cherish family moments with my wife and three children.

Explore his ground-breaking initiatives, prestigious awards, acclaimed publications, and  transformative an immigrant entrepreneurship in Canada. Join Seun in his mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and solve community problems across the  world, as he contributes to the future of entrepreneurship.  Welcome to an inspiring world of limitless possibilities!







The vision for Door2Door Pickup Couriers was founded out of the experience of the founder, Agunbiade Seun Richards, as new immigrants to Canada in 2018. After working as a Customer Service Associate at S&P Data and Insurance Advisor at Royal Bank of Canada, he resigned from paid employment and started delivering food for SkipTheDishes, while applying for his doctorate degree at University of New Brunswick.

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In the realm of entrepreneurship and community impact, Seun Richards has garnered an impressive collection of accolades and awards


THRIVING AS AN IMMIGRANT ENTREPRENEUR IN CANADA: Strategies for Success from a Leading Canadian Immigrant Entrepreneur

In a world marked by borders, cultures, and diverse dreams, the journey of an immigrant entrepreneur is a tapestry woven with ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of a better life. As Canada opens its arms to those seeking new beginnings, the story of immigrant entrepreneurs unfolds as a testament to the boundless potential that flourishes when determination meets opportunity.
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The Ministry of Entrepreneurs Kindle Edition

“In the beginning God created…” and from this divine act of creation emerged the blueprint for all entrepreneurs to follow. In ‘Ministry of Entrepreneurs: Faith, Innovation, and Impact,’ award-winning entrepreneur Seun Richards invites readers on a transformative journey where the forces of faith, innovation, and impact converge like the alignment of the sun, moon, and earth during a celestial eclipse.
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Worked With Some Of The Industry Leading Companies.

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Congratulations on your successful completion of the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Social
Impact House (GSIH)! On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS), we’re thrilled that you were able to attend the 2023 GSIH program from February 21-27, 2023 in Costa Rica. This year’s applicant pool was very impressive and highly competitive. We took care to select a cohort of 20 fellows from all around the world, working across diverse sectors and enacting change on all levels. The GSIH 2023 cohort was a phenomenal group of people. Best of luck in your future endeavors and with your venture, Door2Door.

Prof. Peter Frumkin, University of Pennsylvania - USA

On behalf of the Nigeria High Commission, I am writing to congratulate you on your having recently won the Desjardins GoodSpark Grant for Top 150 Small Business owners in Canada.
Your selection from among an overwhelming number of entries is an attestation to the innovativeness and overall quality Door2Door Pickup Couriers. This enterprise is a classic example of a service that offers real value to the community and was ostensibly "God sent at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging all over the world, with Saint John not being an exception…The Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, is proud of your outstanding work. Thank you for making Nigerians in Diaspora and at home proud.

Ambassador Adeyinka O. Asekun, Ontario - Canada

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to you on being distinguished with a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award for the year 2023! You are an inspiration to so many, and your dedication and hard work in promoting diversity and inclusion in your community through social entrepreneurship are truly deserving of this prestigious honour.

Maura McKinnon, New Brunswick - Canada

Congratulations on winning the SARIT Electric Vehicle and thank you for participating in the 2022 SARIT Scholarship Program! I’m Frank Stronach, founder of the Magna International Inc., one of the world’s largest automotive parts suppliers, and an inductee in the Automotive Hall of Fame in the US. We look forward to you joining the micro-mobility revolution!

Frank Stronach, Aurora - Canada

Meeting Richard brought about an abrupt change in my entire life and career. His ideas about life, work ethics and values rekindled a part of me I never knew existed. His selflessness and love for humanity transcends beyond human comprehension. Richard takes pride in seeing others succeed. Over the years, he has shown me the true meaning of 'a friend indeed'. Thank you Richard for always being there for me. You're a friend I don't want to lose. Keep rising.

Nnamdi Ejikeme - Mentee