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"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits [explores] it as an opportunity [for impact on humanity]."

Peter Drucker

Saint John home delivery business takes off during pandemic

Seun Richards Agunbiade’s new delivery business for immigrants who arrive in New Brunswick with no driver’s license and no vehicle, is attracting lots of interest from Saint John shoppers who don’t want to leave their homes during COVID-19.

Door2Door deliveries started operating in February and has already grown to a fleet of five delivery vans and more than a dozen drivers, who hail from places such as Nigeria, India, Nepal, Sudan, Morocco and the Middle East.

No matter how small you start, start something that matters.

Four weeks after we started operations, the pandemic struck,” said Agunbiade from his home office in a north end townhouse complex known as the Rifle Range.

“All of a sudden, everybody switched over to the delivery business for the essential services they needed.”

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Entrepreneur Programs Deliver The Right Tools For Newcomer Success

Door2Door Delivery came to be the way all great business ideas come to be – by realizing a need you have and then realizing you know how to solve it.

When owner Agunbiade Oluwaseun Richards (Seun) and his wife Ese arrived in Saint John from Dubai in 2018 with their young family, they found it difficult to run necessary errands. They were looking to the bus or a taxi to transport their family of five, no easy or inexpensive feat. Thus Door2Door Delivery was born.

Seun decided to pursue the development of his business idea in mid-2019 and  was able to participate in three different Entrepreneur Development Programs, now offered by ConnexionWorks, which put him on the path to success.

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The vision for Door2Door Pickup Couriers was founded out of the experience of the founder, Agunbiade Seun Richards, as new immigrants to Canada in 2018. There was little or no access to last-mile delivery, and the alternative of the taxi was very expensive, while friends might be too busy to help. After working as a Customer Service Associate at S&P Data and Insurance Advisor at Royal Bank of Canada.

He resigned from paid employment and started delivering food for SkipTheDishes, while applying for his doctorate degree at University of New Brunswick. It was at that time to idea came to provide solution for problem he initially experienced as a newcomer by offering delivering services for groceries, small furniture, electronics items, and other households items.

Essential Service Innovation

Without any prior knowledge of the impending Covid-19 pandemic, Door2Door Pickup Couriers was registered 3 months before the global lockdown and proved to be essential by providing free delivery services to over 100 households in the City of Saint John, including international students, newcomers, and vulnerable people during the period.

The company has been featured on CBC News, CBC Radio, The Huddle, Telegraph-Journal

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